Would you like to get your classmates together for a reunion while attending the CDA/DAPEI Convention in August of 2018? We have set aside Friday, August 24, 2018 at Peakes Quay on the beautiful Charlottetown waterfront for an informal reunion reception. Enjoy a drink and some appetizers while reconnecting with your classmates. Don’t want the evening to end.........no worries......you can dance into the wee hours of the morn to our PEI DJ! 

Please look to see if your class has a reunion contact on this page. If not, would you like to submit contact information for your class? If so please click here....

Please note, submitions made after August 8, 2018 will not be posted to the website.
University: University of Manitoba - Class of 1983
Date: 35 Year Class Reunion
Time: TBD
Location: CDA
RSVP: yes
Contact: Dan Van Berkel
Email: docdan@shaw.ca
Phone: (780) 405-6588
Additional Information: Please contact Dan Van Berkel if you have not received a Save the Date for the 35th Class Reunion. The response has been excellent so we hope you can attend!

University: Dalhousie - Class of 1988
RSVP: yes
Contact: Cheryl Wenn
Email: cherylwenn@pei.aibn.com

University: Dalhousie - Class of 1989
RSVP: yes
Contact: Joanne Stewart
Email: jmstewart29@eastlink.ca

University: Dalhousie - Class of 1991
Date: CDA Convention
Time: TBD
Location: TBD
Type: Reunion
RSVP: yes
Contact: Carolyn Palmer
Email: capalmerdent@gmail.com

University: Dalhousie - Class of 1993
RSVP: yes
Contact: Alan Robinson
Email: alanrob@eastlink.ca

University: Dalhousie - Class of 1995
RSVP: yes
Contact: Dana Coles
Email: danacoles@pei.sympatico.ca

University: Dalhousie - Class of 1998
Type: gathering
RSVP: yes
Contact: Brad Campbell
Email: drbradcampbell@eastlink.ca

University: Dalhousie - Class of 2004
RSVP: yes
Contact: Mike Weatherbie
Email: mjweatherbie@gmail.com

University: Dalhousie - Class of 2008
RSVP: yes
Contact: Matt Gilchrist
Email: mgilchrist@Dal.Ca

University: Dalhousie - Class of 2011
Date: August 24, 2018
Time: 5:30pm - onwards
Location: Peake’s Quay
Type: Reunion
RSVP: no
Contact: Jordan d'Eon
Email: drdeon.inc@gmail.com
Additional Information: See you there!