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Motivational Speaker

Heather Moyse

Four-time Olympian and 2x Olympic gold medalist, Heather Moyse is a multi-sport athlete and highly respected motivational speaker. She's competed internationally in track cycling, rugby and boblsleigh, in which she and her teammate Kaillie Humphries won gold medals at the Vancouver and Sochi Winter Olympic Games in 2010 and 2014, respectively. And in November 2016 was only the first Canadian female and second Canadian ever to be inducted into the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

Having overcome multiple, career-threatening injuries, Heather uses her personal experience - and professional training as an occupational therapist - to encourage and inspire others to embrace challenges and face adversity head-on, to believe in the possibilities of achieving their dreams, and to step outside of their comfort zones to discover and maximize their potential whether in sport, business, or life.

To further personally embrace these points, Heather summited the highest mountain in Antarctica in January 2016 to raise awareness for PTSD and raise money to help veterans and soon-to-be-retired members of our Canadian Armed Forces successfully transition back to civilian life after finishing their time in the Military.

And to reach and help more people with her messaging, Heather wrote a book called Redefining 'Realistic' - a personal invitation from her to her readers to believe in the possibilities and discover, for themselves, what they are truly capable of.

As a lifelong humanitarian, Heather donates her time and talent to many community events and national charities, earning her the Order of PEI, the Queen's Jubilee Medal, and the Randy Starkman Olympian Humanitarian Award.